ON THE HORSE Featured Rider: Hilary Lunn

DATE OF BIRTH: December 7, 1999

HOMETOWN: Peterborough, Ontario

BASED OUT OF: Omemee, Ontario


WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN 5 YEARS?: Hopefully still riding competitively -maybe working out of a bigger, more well-known barn.

Call to Dance aka “Ginger” was born on a Standardbred racing farm in Lakefield, Ontario. She raced for about a year before a girl named Jamie Heffernan, the daughter of the farm owner, told her father Terry that she wanted to keep Ginger as her own horse and re-train her under saddle. Seeing how much she loved Ginger, Terry agreed that Jamie could have her.

Jamie worked with Ginger for a couple of year, teaching her the basics of being under saddle and started her over fences. She even took her out to a couple of shows (one of the best series for Standardbreds is the Standardbred Show series). Sadly, the Heffernan family decided a couple of years later to sell the farm. Ginger sat in a field for a while and was put up for sale.

That’s where I came in. I saw Ginger’s ad and instantly fell in love. We had been looking for my first horse, and Ginger was the first horse that we went out to try. The second I got on her I knew she was the horse. Now I’m not going to say Ginger was ‘bad’ on that test ride but she certainly knew that I was someone new and being typical Ginger, she decided to throw in some sass! But being a 13 year old girl at the time that REALLY wanted her first horse, I loved every second of it. So Ginger came home a week later!

After a few months in training, it was clear that both Ginger and I weren’t cut out to be Hunters. So we made the switch and became Jumpers instead. The 2013 show season had its ups and downs. Ginger and I had to figure each other out. I learned quickly that although people say horses are colour blind, Ginger did NOT like the colour red. I also learned just how hard the ground really was. But Ginger soon learned that I was going to get right back on every time I came off.

2014 was a much better season for us. We went to a lot of different shows and came home with ribbons every time. People slowly started to recognize us as the “Girl that rode the sassy Standardbred”. We even went down to the World Standardbred Show in Ohio and came home with great results!

For the 2015 show season we moved up heights in the Jumpers and started getting more technical. Ginger loved every second of it and it was soon clear that she had even more jump in her than we had originally thought. We were also one of the 2015 Go and Play Stables ambassadors and went with the Go and Play team to be the post parade pony at Woodbine Racetrack! We also went down to the World Standardbred Show once again and did even better than the previous year! We came back overall Standardbred jumper champions and overall high point youth rider! That winter was full of constant training and lessons to get even better for the 2016 show season. And it truly did get better.

We showed on the Central East Trillium circuit this year in the 0.9m Jumpers and qualified for Championships. We even ended that series 3rd overall for the Central East circuit for our height! Our last show of the season was once again the World Standardbred Show in Ohio. The level of competition for horses down there had definitely gone up so we weren’t sure what to expect when we got down there. But Ginger, being her typical self, was incredible!

We finished the 3 day show with 5 overall World Champion titles (Hunter, Jumper, Gaming, Western Pleasure, and Western Horsemanship), 1 overall World Reserve Champion title (English Equitation), and overall high point youth AND overall High point Standardbred for the whole show! We plan on going back down again next year with Ginger and another one of our Standardbreds, and I would definitely encourage anyone else who has a Standardbred to come down as well! I’m beyond proud of everything Ginger and I have accomplished and I’m really excited to see what both our futures hold!


CALL TO DANCE aka ginger

BIRTHDATE: April 3, 2005

PEDIGREE: Standardbred

HEIGHT: 14.3hh

LOVES: Jumping.

HATES: Water and green apples.

IF HE/SHE WERE IN HIGH SCHOOL, HE/SHE WOULD BE: The biggest diva around.

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